Teaching/coaching Real Estate Photography  


I have been coaching/teaching real estate photography on the Photography For Real Estate web page for  many years.  https://photographyforrealestate.net/

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, which gives me a unique insite into teaching photography.

Tell me what you would like to learn.  Techniques, business management, marketing, etc.  I have done it all and I can help you with getting your business started or help you fine-tune your photographic techniques or help you market your photography business.

I enjoy coaching and my past students will attest to it:  take a look on the photographyforrealestate site and click on the "coaching" tab then scroll down to look at some of the comments.

I invite you to call or email me if you might want to discuss photogrtaphy coaching with me.

970-485-0292. [email protected]